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Create a precision mold
New field of high-speed machining of precision components

Since its establishment, SFY has completed several customized services one after another.
Adjust the mechanical structure and functions of each part according to parts and workpieces in various fields,
For example, modify or redesign the inside/outside of the machine according to the size of the workpiece,
Including loading and unloading line planning, fixing method, workbench size...etc.,
Or adjust mechanical actions, compile or redesign new functions in response to various processing procedures,
For example, automatic door opening, automatic clamping fixture, sports mode...etc.,
It can also be used with various automation equipment for production line planning.

For a long time, Shengfangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been properly using its deep research and development energy to develop various models that meet market needs, and sell them in major markets around the world under the S.F.Y. brand. The company team was founded with the sustainable business philosophy of integrity, professionalism and responsibility. We firmly believe in honest management, reliable service, provide professional and technical participation according to customer needs, meet new needs of customers, continuously provide new products, adhere to the service concept of pursuing excellence and high quality, and grow together with customers and provide sustainable services.